How do I become part of the Great Day Squad?

SHOW UP. Connect with us on email, Instagram, and show up for our digital (and hopefully soon to be in person) mental workshops and events.

What are Peak Performance Workshops?

Great Day Squad Mental Workouts are live, interactive and designed to push you to the edge. Each workshop we welcome an expert guest coach to cover topics related to wellness, career and relationships.

What do I get with a Great Day Squad Membership?

For $29/month you get a spot at each weekly Peak Performance Workshop, first-to-know about events, challenges and more, and access to our library of Peak Performance Workshops, inspired conversations and expert interviews.

Who are the guest coaches?

Renowned athletes, performers, and leaders in their profession interacting with you through live weekly workshops.

How can I collab with the Great Day Squad?

Contact us here with your ideas

How does the Great Day commit to supporting all communities?

We’re dedicated to welcoming everyone, from every background, location, beliefs and choices. We do not accept any bigotry, hatred, closed mindedness, or vulgarity. We’re a community that accepts, loves and welcomes.