03/10 – Lacee Lazoff


Power up your movement, build your strength, and improve your recovery for the moments when you are pushing your limits.

The Great Day Squad is back with another Live Interactive Preseason Workshop with host Marc Williams and featuring Guest Coach, Lacee Lazoff, fitness & strength conditioning coach and former Strong First Kettlebell Level 2 & Bodyweight Instructor.

During this 45-minute workshop you’ll:

Utilize diaphragmatic breathing to fill your lungs more efficiently

Discuss the importance of assessing yourself before a run, walk, or jog

Discover how your ambition could be putting you in a comfort zone

You’ll leave with:

Movement techniques to help fight off the stiffness that occurs from working from home

Clear and measurable goals that will allow you to break through your comfort zone and build your way to progressive success

A supportive Squad to hold you accountable

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Meeting Details

Workout: Stand Strong & Push Forward

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 04:30 PM