05/12 – Chattin Hill


Recovery is as important as the workout. Uncover the truths why.

The Great Day Squad is back with another Live Interactive Preseason Workshop with host Kristeena Alexander and featuring Guest Coach, Chattin Hill , current Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the Los Angeles Lakers. With over 17yrs of experience working with elite athletes, Chattin will discuss the importance of recovery and how it can transform your ability to perform at your best.

During this 45-minute preseason sweat you’ll:

  • Uncover habits that derail our ability to recover and perform at our best physically and mentally
  • Discuss the importance of recovery as you prepare to perform at your best for a 5K run, walk, or jog
  • Discover how you can use best practices with recovery to enhance your performance

You’ll leave with:

  • Mental techniques to help fight off those intuitive triggers and roadblocks that that occur while training
  • Daily habits that will allow you to break through your comfort zone and reach higher levels of human accomplishment
  • A supportive Squad to hold you accountable

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Meeting Details

Workshop: Optimal Recovery Includes Sleep, Nutrition & Hydration

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 04:30 PM