06/02 – Brogan Graham


Build your tribe. It’s important to assemble a fitness community to improve your wellness, strength, endurance, and motivation for your next performance.

The Great Day Squad is back with another Live Interactive Peak Performance Workshop with host Marc Williams and featured Guest Coach, Brogan Graham, co-founder of The November Project, bestselling author, and ultra athlete. He has ignited a fitness revolution. Since the original promise to keep working out through the cold winter months, the group has grown to hundreds of members who exercise multiple times a week in a number of cities around the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe.

During this 45-minute peak performance sweat you’ll:

  • Determine the profile of the members of your community to boost motivation
  • Discuss the benefits of joining a fitness community to set yourself up for success before, during, and after your workouts
  • Discover how you can add fun, familiarity, and inclusivity within your community to sustain energy and momentum

You’ll leave with:

  • Recruiting techniques to help attract a community for wellness and fitness
  • Daily habits that will allow you to break through your comfort zone and reach higher levels of human accomplishment
  • A supportive Squad to hold you accountable

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Workshop: Build Your Team and Conquer

Wednesday, June 2, 2021 04:30 PM