08/25 – Katie Dabrowski


The Great Day Squad is back with another Live Interactive Preseason Workshop with host Kristeena Alexander and featuring Guest Coach, Dr. Katie Dabrowski: physical therapist and co-founder of Old Bull Sports Medicine Rehabilitation. With a focus on proper movement patterns, injury prevention, and breath work, Katie continues to work with weekend warriors to Olympic athletes to individuals experiencing chronic pain. Katie blends her love of neuroscience and exercise in order to optimize recovery and performance.

During this 45-minute preseason sweat you’ll:

  • Tap into the mindset of an expert physical therapist, doctor and half marathon
  • Discuss the benefits of breathing during your performance
  • Discover the importance of strength training and gratitude while performing at
    your best

You’ll leave with:

  • Mental techniques to help fight off those intuitive triggers and roadblocks that that occur while training
  • Daily habits that will allow you to break through your comfort zone and reach
    higher levels of human accomplishment
  • A supportive Squad to hold you accountable

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Meeting Details

Workshop: How To Train for a Half Marathon

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 04:30 PM