Real Meditation With Laura Wilde


Build a championship mindset, re-align with your goals and mission, and remain determined even when knocked off track.

The Great Day Squad is back with another Live Interactive Mental Workout with host Ben Kenyon and featuring Guest Coach, Laura Wilde, NBA, WNBA and MBA elite mental performance coach.

During this 60-minute mental sweat you’ll:

Utilize nose breathing to find calm and clarity

Discuss the importance of core values and identify individual values

Determine your comfort zone (and why you’ve stayed within in)

Follow Laura’s breathing session designed to balance each brain hemisphere for focus, energy and improved state of consciousness

You’ll leave with:

Meditation and breathing techniques to help fuel daily success

Clear goals that will allow you to break through your comfort zone and build a champion mindset

A supportive Squad to hold you accountable

Improved energy and coordination

Reduced stress

Enhanced brain function

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